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Company Divisions

Company Divisions

Haul it all, everything from General Haulage and Abnormal Haulage to AutoLogistics. For all our members who enjoy the use of mods and traffic that singleplayer provides, we have introduced divisions that come with unique company skins and logos. In the next few months, you will see more and more division skins being created. For now, we have a Volvo FH16 2012 as our first Abnormal Haulage lorry and Scania RJL Highland as the first Autologistics Lorry.

Download and view our custom collection by clicking that link in the #drivers-meeting topic.




Meet Dark Knight - CCI Group's Latest Volvo on the Roads!

Driven by The CEO!!


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Welcome to the new chapter in CC International Transport's history. We have created our own website and have been chatting to other people about this software and have decided to invest in trucknet. 


So welcome to CC International Transport and it's trucknet systems from all the management team. 


CEO of CC International Transport VTC